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Reaping Thatch, in Essex & Ipswich, MA

September 25th 2009 - The AKH Team and a few local volunteers were joined by Rick, Michael and Shan from Plimoth Plantation. It was a windy day down on the marsh behind the Essex Town Hall and the tall reeds swooshed and danced about. It wasn't long before clearings appeared in the tall grass and piles of thatching materials were bundled ready for transport. The reed was gathered by the traditional First Period method using a sickle and has come from both Essex and Ipswich. The fragmite will become the roofing for the Alexander Knight House. Again, the Plimoth Plantation Artisans exchange of knowledge and enthusiasm was contagious. Thanks again guys!

Additional harvesting took place in Ipswich in Spring 2011.



Photography by Cynda Warren Joyce

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Updated 6 September 2012