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Taylor Sawmill in Derry, NH

Bob Spoerl operates the water powered sash saw (up and down saw) at the Taylor Sawmill, in Derry NH. Not only does he contribute his time and talents with the sawmill but also joined us, providing labor and knowhow, at the Raising Bee in September, 2010.

In July 2011 again Bob and his son, Ed, are authentically milling materials for the Alexander Knight House project. This time large diameter, white pine logs for some of the siding. In the Fall of 2009 we delivered logs to Bob and the white oak floor joists and white pine floor boards were sawn with historic accuracy.

To saw the white oak and the larger diameter pine the mill must be run at its slowest speed to accommodate the challenging materials. The lumber produced by Bob at the Taylor Mill is the same as what would have been prepared at the original sash sawmill in Ipswich, MA. Mills like this are quite rare, having been replaced by the circular and band saws still used today.

Bob Spoerl, with help from his son Ed, run the mill; open to the public on the second and fourth Saturdays during the summer. Visit them on-line at: Taylor Sawmill or at Technical info on the Taylor Sawmill for a very thorough technical explaination, prepared by Ed Spoerl.

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Updated 17 July 2011