Alexander Knight House, 1657

A re-creation of an early, English-style timber frame house from 1657 as described in Ipswich town records. An on-going, live exhibit; building with traditional tools, materials and construction methods of the First Period (1625–1725).

News!Announcing the completion of the Knight House! Thanks to the help of Michael French, Justin Keegan and some of the AKH Team the Knight House thatched roof is complete and ready for furnishings.

Introducing"The Knight House Mouse"

A tale about James, a young and curious field mouse, who observes a Housewright constructing a small, First Period, timber framed house. The story is set in 1657, in Ipswich, MA and features James’ adventures with Everett the puppy along with descriptions of early building techniques. Inspired by the Knight House project at the Ipswich Museum the book includes a “flip book” in the lower left corner showing the process.

Team at work

"The Knight house is a modest dwelling typical of the Bay Colony's first quarter-century of settlement. The houses of the First Period (1625-1725) that survive today are in some sense extraordinary, through the sheer fact of their survival and especially in their size and decoration. Their superiority of construction and condition may be, in fact, why they survived at all.  The Knight house gives us a unique glimpse into the kinds of buildings that ordinary people built for themselves."

From the 1657 Town Meeting: 

"secure a house to be built for Alexander Knight of 16 foote long & twelve foote wyde & 7 or 8 foote stud upon his ground & to pryd thatching & other things nesasary for it."

Timeline of Alexander Knight of England and Ipswich Prepared by
Susan S. Nelson April, 2009


This exciting project includes many processes and will be a
living exhibit; an example of what the early settlers were able
to accomplish.

Please visit us here to see progress on the project or witness the real thing at 53 South Main Street, Ipswich, MA


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Updated 17 March 2013